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Verb + Preposition List

Verb + Preposition List


Approve of

Accuse of

Bilk out of

Compose of

Conceive of

Consist of

Convict of

Convince of

Cure of

Despair of

Disapprove of

Dream of

Get rid of

Get tired of

Hear of

Hope of

Remind of

Rob of

Suspect of

Think of


Agree with

Argue with

Begin with

Collide with

Complain with

Concern with

Confuse with

Cope with

Cover with

Charge with

Disagree with

Discuss with

Face with

Fight with

Help with

Interfere with

Meet with

Present with

Provide with

Quarrel with

Share with Trust with


Argue about

Boast about

Care about

Complain about

Concern about

Dream about

Feel about

Forget about

Hear about

Joke about

Know about

Laugh about

Quarrel about

Talk about

Think about

Tell about

Worry about

Write about

Warn about


Add to

Adjust to

Admit to

Appeal to

Belong to

Compare to

Confess to

Contribute to

Explain to

Get married to

Listen to

Object to

React to

Refer to

Reply to

Respond to

See to

Speak to

Subscribe to

Sentence to

Talk to

Turn to

Write to

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